Our Charges

Clinical Examination Fee (1st Consultation)£47.50
Re-examination Fee £44.00
First Post-Op Check upFOC
Subsequent (2 or more) Post-Op Checks£25.00 each
Removal of stitches FOC
Consultation for Injection of a long-term medication (without an examination) £27.50
Written Prescription Fee £21.00
Annual booster vaccination and health check for dog or cat£58.00
Kennel Cough vaccination and health check £45.00
Kennel Cough vaccination given at time of annual booster £40.00
Primary Vaccination Course Package for a puppy £75.00
Primary Vaccination Course Package for a kitten£85.00
Cat spay (routine) £110.00
Cat castrate (routine)£85.00
Neuter of female dog (weight dependent) between £250.00 and £495.00 (routine)
Dog castration (weight dependent) between £210.00 and £330.00 (routine)

Please note due to a recent spate of missed appointments these will now be charged at £47.50 unless prior notice is given.

For all medicines, medical and surgical procedures an estimate can be provided.